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  • sensationalism

    Sensationalism is a widely used editorial tactic whereby news stories are selected and framed to garner the greatest number of readers and viewers, with little or no concern for accuracy or ethics. Sometimes referred to as ‘clickbait’, this sort of coverage encourages a biased or exaggerated impression of events rather than a more neutral presentation of the facts. (See more on Wikipedia)
  • simplification

    Simplification is often (but not always) inevitable in order to make complex matters digestible for the audience. Indeed, as reflected in the idiom KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), this can be desirable if it is done in such a way that the diversity of issues at play are still acknowledged. What is problematic is when complex situations are distorted by the reproduction of dominant hegemonic discourses or sensationalism that leads to 'oversimplification'.

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