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As development journalists cover contexts far removed from their own, they can more easily slip into stereotypes, fixed assumptions, misinterpretations or unethical practices.

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2. Ethics :

2.1 : Globally-minded journalism ethics.

The world is changing, and journalism should react to these processes. One of the areas in urgent need of a rethink is journalism ethics. Today, journalistic coverage requires more diverse information and data, more voices and perspectives, to be considered balanced and accurate. At the same time, national or even personal interests should not take precedence over transnational principles of human rights and justice. Journalists should become transnational communicators whose social contract extends beyond their own audience or country. Instead, they should develop something much wider – a multi-society contract with the entire global community.

2.2 : Why do journalists cover the world in a particular way?

Our view of the world is strongly affected by a range of factors, from the culture we come from to our socioeconomic situation, that may mean we see things stories through certain prejudices and assumptions that we take for granted. We need to be aware of these potential biases and blind spots to prevent them from compromising our reporting, especially on lesser known issues and places.

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