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  1. Covering development
    1. What is journalism as a profession?
    2. What is development journalism?
    3. What is the value of development journalism when covering global issues such as migration?
  2. Ethics
    1. Globally-minded journalism ethics.
    2. Why do journalists cover the world in a particular way?
    3. What power do journalists have and how does it influence their work?
  3. Global outlook
    1. Why do we need a global outlook?
    2. What is global journalism?
    3. Where does global journalism come from?
    4. The ‘global outlook’: a shift in the perception of reality.
    5. Why is it important to include a global outlook in reporting?
    6. What is NOT global journalism?
  4. Practice
    1. As opportunities to travel shrink, opportunities to communicate across the world have improved rapidly.
    2. Is a desk-based approach to global journalism possible?
    3. Changing your approach to desk-based research.
    4. Collecting findings: tips and suggestions.
    5. Balance and analysis.
    6. Before you start.
    7. Giving your story a hook.
    8. Making entry into a community.
    9. Pitching stories to editors.
    10. Live reporting.
    11. On the ground.
    12. Stories through the concept of nonuniform modernization(s).
    13. Dilemmas in the field.
    14. Working with your fixer.
  5. Themes and topics
    1. Migration as a global phenomenon.
    2. What is migration?
    3. Terminology matters: From ‘economic migrants’ to refugees.
    4. Transnationals.
    5. Migration and development.
    6. Migration and minorities.
    7. Smuggling.
    8. Fortress Europe.
    9. Misinterpreted facts on migration.
    10. Migration causes.
  6. Glossary


  1. Am I doing my job inclusively?
  2. Critical analysing of information.
  3. Going to the field.
  4. Making entry into a community.
  5. Changing your approach to desk-based research – first steps.
  6. Collecting findings: tips and suggestions.
  7. Planning is the essence of good coverage.

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